Zushi Sougou
Zushi Sougou
 Japanese 逗子総合高校
 Romaji Zushi Sougou Koukou
 Coach Kuraishi

Zushi Sougou High School (逗子総合高校) is a school located in Kanagawa.


The coach of the badminton club, Kuraishi, originally demanded that players follow his orders, though he changed his coaching style upon seeing Nozomi try her own badminton against Nagisa. According to Kuraishi himself, the farthest his players have gotten is an Inter High singles semi final. The school qualified for the team Inter High tournament but was defeated in the second round by Fredericia Girls.

Nagisa almost got into Zushi Sougou with a scholarship but it was scrapped by Kuraishi who realized her weaknesses and didn't think she'd be a competent player.


Name Year Position Status
Ishizawa Nozomi3rd YearNoneGraduated


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