Yokohama Shouei
Yokohama Shouei
 Japanese 横浜翔栄高校
 Romaji Yokohama Shouei Koukou
 Coach Komura

Yokohama Shouei High School (横浜翔栄高校) is a school located in Kanagawa.


Yokohama Shouei was the winner of last year's Kanto Inter High Team Qualifiers, though they lost to Kitakomachi in the current year's quarter finals. The school has a scholarship system for badminton players, ranging from A to C, which determines how much students get exempted from school fees; A is exempted from all fees, B is half, and C is 25%.

The coach of the badminton club, Komura, originally respected his players' autonomy, though because of that he could only objectively evaluate them. However, after seeing Mizuki's positiveness, he began to let his emotions show.


Name Year Position Status
Hashizume Emi3rd YearNoneGraduated
Shigemori MizukiUnknownNoneGraduated



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