Utsunomiya Academy
Utsunomiya Academy
 Japanese 宇都宮学院
 Romaji Utsunomiya Gakuin
 Coach Yaita Takashi

Utsunomiya Academy (宇都宮学院) is a school located in Tochigi.


According to a student, the Utsunomiya Academy badminton club is at a national level, nevertheless they aren't strong enough for someone like Rui to take an interest in and transfer. The school has dorms, which Rui and Kairi live in. The school had one other member in the singles Inter High tournament but they were defeated by Michi or a previous opponent.


Name Year Position Status
Yaita TakashiTeacherCoachActive
Mashiko Rui3rd YearNoneGraduated
Asahi Kairi3rd YearNoneGraduated



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