Tsubata Michi
Tsubata Michi
 Japanese 津幡 路
 Romaji Tsubata Michi
 Nickname Tsubata of Power (力の津幡 Chikara no Tsubata)
• Characteristics•
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Green
• Professional Status•
 Previous Affiliation Shiozu Middle School
Kaga Setsurei
 Previous Occupation Student
 Relative(s) Kaga Setsurei Coach (older sister)
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 46 (mentioned)
Chapter 49 (actual)

Tsubata Michi (津幡 路) was a 3rd year student of the Kaga Setsurei badminton club.


Michi has green eyes and long black hair that reaches the middle of her back with a gold color hair clip. She is well endowed and is muscular, which supports her play style. She wears a light green spaghetti strapped tank top like top with dark green lines along with an even darker green skirt. She also has a similar version of the uniform with the same skirt. As a middle schooler, she wore a sailor uniform.

As a child, she was chubbier, but decided to lose weight upon getting crushed by Rui in order to increase her speed. Despite this, she was still able to move well as she was born with a good physique. Her hair was a bit shorter and she wore her hair clip on a ponytail on the left side of her head.


Michi holds great pride in being one of the big three, not wanting Ayano and Connie (who she referred to as 1st year nobodies) to end their age, vowing to keep it going. She holds an intense rivalry for Rui, who she'd never been able to beat, and purposely evaded any attempts to become friends with her because of it. However, she admitted during Rui's match with Ayano that she wanted to think they were already friends, though she always lost and didn't think Rui cared about her. After Rui's loss, they reconciled, nonetheless Michi ran off in embarrassment.

During her match against Connie, Michi frequently shouted, causing the former to be annoyed with her.

Playing StyleEdit

Michi is considered to be a strong player as part of the big three and was runners up at the Spring tournament and third place at last year's Inter High. Although only the final point was shown, she overpowered her second round opponent easily, nevertheless her coach stated that she potentially could've ended the match 5 minutes earlier.

Michi's play style involves using her power and speed to overwhelm opponents, claiming that she is number 1 in high school in those two areas. According to Connie, her shots are powerful, and they are characteristically hard to return. She has good reflexes, being able to reach a shot hit to the other side of the court, and Kuraishi noted that she was better in that regard than Connie. Using her power, she overwhelmed Connie for a while, though the latter counterattacked, stating that Michi's attacks were predictable.

Michi has fought against foreign opponents as a part of Japan youth badminton and won.

Playing RecordEdit

Match Opponent Results Outcome Chapters
Inter High
2nd RoundUnknownUnknownWNone
Quarter FinalUnknown2:0
21-15, 21-17
Semi FinalConnie Christensen0:2
13-21, 6-21
Woman's All England Open Badminton Championship
3rd RoundWang LixiaoUnknownLNone
Other Matches
Kirameki Cup Unknown RoundToyohashi AnriUnknownWNone
Kirameki Cup FinalKumiyama KuzeUnknownWNone



  • Despite not appearing in the anime, Michi is mentioned on the cover of the badminton magazine Ayano read episode 3.


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