Shigemori Mizuki
Shigemori Mizuki
 Japanese 重盛 瑞貴
 Romaji Shigemori Mizuki
• Characteristics•
 Gender Female
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Unnamed College
 Previous Affiliation Yokohama Shouei
 Occupation Student
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 35

Shigemori Mizuki (重盛 瑞貴) is a college student and a former member of the Yokohama Shouei badminton club.


Mizuki has long hair that she has tied into two small tails on her head and freckles.


Mizuki is incredibly positive, has an intense desire to improve herself, and always respects her opponent. Her personality has influenced Emi, Ayano, and Komura. She regretted not telling Emi that she knew the latter was holding herself back but got over it after talking with her following their loss to Kitakomachi and became true friends. Her motto is "do what you can do and don't do what you can't".

Playing StyleEdit

Although lacking in technique and stamina, Mizuki made up for it with her mentality, broad perspective, and wide field of vision. She has a never give up personality and is good at correcting her own mistakes, along with being able to determine what she and/or her partner currently needed to do, even if that meant deviating from her coach's orders. Despite her doubles partner Emi panicking during their match against Ayano and Riko, she calmly assessed the situation and took action, even body slamming her partner to prevent her from wasting stamina.

Playing RecordEdit

Match Opponent Results Outcome Chapters
Inter High Team Preliminaries
Quarter Finalw/Hashizume Emi
Hanesaki Ayano/Izumi Riko
16-21, 15-21
Quarter FinalHanesaki Ayano0:2
12-21, 9-21


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