Serigaya Kaoruko Anime
Serigaya Kaoruko
 Japanese 芹ヶ谷 薫子
 Romaji Serigaya Kaoruko
 Nickname Sarigiwa Kaoruko (去り際 香る子)
• Characteristics•
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Pink
 Eye Color Pink
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Kounan
 Occupation Student
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 10
 Anime Episode 1
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Shimoda Asami

Serigaya Kaoruko (芹ヶ谷 薫子) is a 3rd year student of Kounan badminton club. She is a key individual in Hanesaki Ayano's life.


Kaoruko is a tall girl with pink eyes and long hair of the same color that she has tied into twin tails. At school, she wears the standard Kounan High uniform.

By the time of the epilogue, she has cut her twin tails to shoulder length.


Kaoruko is a very confident, boastful, and excessively self-conscious, in addition to talking like an ojou-sama. She initially compared to herself to a butterfly, stating that others simply followed her, and added that she didn't have any rivals in the prefectural tournament. Despite this, she is the one who knows Ayano well the most and helped her come to terms with her personality and made her realize that she wanted to be a kind person.

Kaoruko is shown to have feelings for Tachibana Kentarou, mentioning that he was cool.

Playing StyleEdit

Kaoruko is a control-oriented player, using data and technique to outsmart her opponent and attack. She is strong mental wise as well, having a hardworking and hate to lose personality, and is good at correcting her mistakes. She is mentioned by Ayano to be strong.

As a middle schooler, she won the middle school prefectural tournament and played in the All Japan middle school tournament. She was also considered a favorite in the Inter High qualifiers but lost to Ayano, later qualifying for the doubles Inter-High partnered with Miki.

Playing RecordEdit

Match Opponent Results Outcome Chapters
Inter High Preliminaries
1st RoundUeda Ami2:0
21-10, 21-8
2nd RoundUnknown2:0
21-8, 21-7
Quarter FinalHanesaki Ayano0:2
5-21, 7-21
Inter High Team Preliminaries
Semi FinalIzumi Riko2:1
21-19, 18-21, 21-17
Inter High
Quarter Finalw/Sasashita Miki
Mashiko Rui/Asahi Kairi
Other Matches
Practice Match (MS)Hanesaki Ayano0:3
??-??, ??-??, 3-21
Practice MatchHanesaki Ayano0:0
16-14 CAN



  • The handkerchief Ayano uses to tie her hair comes from her. She originally gave it to Ayano for her to wipe her tears when she lost.


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