Novel Cover 1
Novel Hanebad!
 Japanese 小説 はねバド!
 Romaji Shousetsu Hanebado!
 Pages 243
 Release Date June 29, 2018
 ISBN 978-4-0651-2573-1
 Cover Shiwahime Yuika

Novel Hanebad! (小説 はねバド!) is the first volume of the Hanebad! novel.


The badminton club ace of Fredericia Girls Junior College Attached High School, usually known as Fre Girls, Shiwahime Yuika. After witnessing Yuika's overwhelming play style and developing an admiration for it, Wakayanagi Komachi enrolled in Fre Girls to be with her. Komachi ends up being roommates with the newly appointed captain Yuika, and...!?


  • Prologue: Those That Bloom Quickly Fall Quickly
  • Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Certain Daily Life
  • Chapter 2: The Girl's Daily Life
  • Chapter 3: That Growth
  • Chapter 4: Promise
  • Epilogue: Their Respective Places



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