Kuraishi Anime
 Japanese 倉石
 Romaji Kuraishi
• Characteristics•
 Gender Male
 Hair Color Black
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Zushi
 Occupation Coach
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 21
 Anime Episode 6
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Yusa Kouji

Kuraishi (倉石) is the coach of the Zushi badminton club.


Kuraishi has short black hair with the sides of his head shaved. He has thick lips and wears glasses, a black shirt with white lines, and pants.


Originally, Kuraishi was shown to control his players, shouting orders to them during matches, but changed his attitude after seeing Nozomi play her own badminton against Nagisa. He now respects their autonomy and supports them.