Hanesaki Shintarou
Hanesaki Shintarou
 Japanese 羽咲 心太朗
 Romaji Hanesaki Shintarou
• Characteristics•
 Gender Male
 Hair Color Black
• Professional Status•
 Relative(s) Hanesaki Uchika (wife)
Hanesaki Ayano (daughter)
Connie Christensen (adoptive daughter)
• Debuts•
 Manga Volume 4

Hanesaki Shintarou (羽咲 心太朗) is Ayano's father.


Shintarou has black hair and wears glasses. He wears a hat, shirt, and pants.


Shintarou has a calm personality. He doesn't know much about badminton, stating that it was a form of love between Uchika and Ayano that he didn't feel he could intrude upon, but wishes for them to make amends. He is accepting of his wife's actions and has never been shown to get angry at her for leaving home.

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