Welcome to the Manual of Style page. This page will be used as a reference for editors on how to format the articles in the Hanebad! Wiki in a more standard, organized manner.


  • New articles should be named according to the subject's correctly translated official name.
  • There is zero tolerance for fake information and speculations added to articles. Unless you can prove what you are writing is legitimate, do not add it.
  • The first line in the intro should be about the subject of the article, and the subject has to be written in bold. This is only for the first sentence about the subject.
  • Avoid using the second person pronoun (you) in articles.

Deleted/Previously Deleted Articles

  • Deleted articles should never be revived on the wiki until and unless there is enough information to substantiate them.

Files and Images

  • Only official art and screenshots are allowed on the wiki.
    • However, users may upload unrelated images for use on their profile pages and nowhere else.
  • All uploaded files need an appropriate name.
    • Ex: Hanesaki Ayano.png or Connie Christensen Manga.png are appropriate names. 19387asc.jpg and Tumblr 12345.png aren't.
  • Avoid uploading watermarked images or screenshots where subs can be seen whenever possible.
  • Do not upload files you aren't going to use on a page.

Character Pages

  • Character pages will have as the title the correctly translated name of the character.
  • Character pages will use the Character template.
    • The image used in the template should be of the highest possible quality.


  • Images in galleries should be separated based on the image source.

User Pages

  • Do not use templates made for articles in your user page.

User Blogs

  • User blogs are to be used only for posts regarding, at least in part, the Hanebad! series.
    • Don't create blogs that don't have any specific purposes or have no value to other users on the wiki.
  • User blogs that go against the rules might be deleted without prior warning.


  • Do not leave obvious or easily answered comments; always read the article first.
  • Do NOT ask for raws or scans on the wiki; the wiki is not a file distribution site.
  • Do not link to unofficial sites. Official sites include the anime site and the publisher's site.
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