Fredericia Members
Fredericia Girls
 Japanese フレゼリシア女子短大付属高校
 Romaji Furezerishia Joshi Tankidai Fuzoku Koukou
 Captain Shiwahime Yuika (from second year)
 Vice Captain Misato Saki (current)
Shiwahime Yuika (former/first year)
 Coach Watari Souichirou
Hanesaki Uchika

Fredericia Girls Junior College Attached High School (フレゼリシア女子短大付属高校), commonly referred to as Fre Girls (フレ女), is a school located in Miyagi.


Fredericia Girls is known to be a powerhouse school, having placed runners up in last year's team Inter High tournament, and Yuika made it to the best 8 in last year's singles Inter High tournament with a shoulder injury. In the current year, the school has won the singles, doubles, and team representative slots for Miyagi for the Inter High tournament, and has already won the team Inter High tournament.

The club has a tradition of having a Newcomer Match where new members play against upperclasswomen. Whoever wins gets to have the loser wash them, and so far only Yuika and Connie have been mentioned to have won against upperclasswomen.


Name Year Position Status
Watari SouichirouTeacherCoachActive
Hanesaki UchikaTeacherCoachActive
Shiwahime Yuika3rd YearCaptainActive
Misato Saki3rd YearVice CaptainActive
Shiraishi Suzu3rd YearNoneActive
Ogatsu Saeko3rd YearNoneActive
Yamoto Chikage3rd YearNoneActive
Tagajou Hina2nd YearNoneActive
Connie Christensen1st YearNoneActive
Wakayanagi Komachi1st YearNoneLeft Club Previous Year
Monou3rd YearNoneRetired Previous Year



  • The surnames of the Fredericia Girls members other than Connie and Uchika are based off of place names in Miyagi:
    • Shiwahime comes from Shiwahime Town, which no longer exists as it was merged with several other towns to form Kurihara City.
    • Misato comes from Misato Town.
    • Shiraishi comes from Shiroishi City. Shiraishi is an alternate reading of Shiroishi.
    • Ogatsu comes from Ogatsu Town, which is currently a part of Ishinomaki City.
    • Yamoto comes from Yamoto Town, which was merged with Naruse Town to create Higashimatsushima City.
    • Tagajou comes from Tagajou City.
    • Wakayanagi comes from Wakayanagi Town, which was merged with Shiwahime Town and several others to form Kurihara City.
    • Monou comes from Monou Town, which is currently a part of Ishinomaki City.
    • Watari comes from Watari Town.
  • The name Fredericia most likely refers to the town of the same name, Fredericia, in Denmark, as Connie came to Fredericia Girls as part of a student exchange program.


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