Episode 5
You're Not Alone
 Japanese 一人じゃないよ
 Romaji Hitori Janaiyo
 Volume Volume 1
Anime Original
 Air Date July 29, 2018
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Futari no Hane
 Ending High Stepper
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 4
 Next Episode 6

You're Not Alone (一人じゃないよ) is the fifth episode of the Hanebad! anime.


The match continues and Connie laments that Ayano isn't like Uchika. Much to Ayano's surprise. During the short interval Kentarō uses a strategy. For Riko to cover the front and Ayano, the back-court. The strategy was working, until Connie got tired out and Hina returned the serve for the match point. With Ayano feeling depressed again, Sora wanted to criticize her. While Yu tries to cheer her up, but she admires how the match went.

Connie also feels depressed, but is cheered up by Yuika and the rest of her teammates at the inn. At night, Ayano tried to ask Connie about Uchika. But got scared, when she and some of their teammates are going back to their room. Before leaving the training camp Ayano asks Connie, how is mother doing. In which she says Uchika is returning back to Japan later. Erena asks Ayano how the meeting went, as Ayano replying "Forget mom, I don't need her anymore."


Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Ayano and Riko score ten more points against Connie and Hina in the first game of their practice match.
  • The practice match is adapted differently and ends with Kitakomachi's defeat.
  • The Fre Girls bonding chapter in volume 4 is moved to after the practice match. Because of this, the relationship between Connie and the other Fredericia regulars is different, and they are antagonistic toward each other.
  • In the scene with Yuika and Connie, Connie feels bad for what she did to Hina, while in the manga she feels bad about Ayano.
  • The anime adapts the post practice match scenes differently.
  • Because of changes to the overall storyline, Ayano makes excuses for their loss. In addition, the scene between her and Connie is adapted differently, and at the end Ayano declares that she doesn't need her mother anymore.


  • On the results board, it lists a player named Wakayanagi, which could be a possible reference to Wakayanagi Komachi. Komachi quit the previous year so the player in question wouldn't be her.


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