Episode 4
I'm Lost Right Now Too
 Japanese 私も今、迷子なんだ
 Romaji Watashi mo Ima, Maigo Nanda
 Volume Volume 1
Anime Original
 Air Date July 22, 2018
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Futari no Hane
 Ending High Stepper
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 3
 Next Episode 5

I'm Lost Right Now Too (私も今、迷子なんだ) is the fourth episode of the Hanebad! anime.


With the badminton training camp beginning, the club is greeted by the Fredericia girls badminton club's captain Yuika Shiwahime. Kentarō comes up with a strategy for teams and single matches, while Ayano wants to go to a convenience store. She reads a drawn map by Nagisa and is approached by a girl wearing shades, who's going to the same store. The rest of the Fredericia members wonder where is their last member at.

As Ayano gets to the store, the girl asks what high school she's in and starts questioning her. When Sora Isehara, the younger sister to Gaku, found them. They get back to the training camp. As the other badminton matches ended. Connie shows up late to the camp, worrying Hina Tagajo, her teammate for the match with Ayano and Riko. Who they are facing, before the match starts. Connie told Hina to sit out. When Connie got serious playing the match by herself, Kentarō says her name is Connie Christensen and ties a knot around her hair, the same way Ayano's mother did.


Anime DifferencesEdit

  • The Kitakomachi badminton club takes the bus to their training camp, while in the manga they go by car. In addition, Ayano goes by her own will instead of being tricked.
  • Ayano meets Connie while looking for a convenience store instead of after she ran away. Because of this, their interaction is adapted differently.
  • Kentarou knows about the practice match beforehand, while in the manga he learns about it after he returns with Ayano.
  • Connie is much more antagonistic compared to the manga.
  • Yuu and Sora score more points against Saki and Suzu. The score of Nagisa vs Saeko is also changed.
  • The Fre Girls bonding chapter in volume 4 is moved to after the practice match. Because of this, Connie's attitude toward the other Fredericia members is different, and is antagonistic compared to the manga, believing that teammates aren't worth anything.
  • A scene with Yukiteru and Sora reflecting over their losses is added.
  • Connie tells Hina to not doing anything the entire match, while in the manga she specifies that it's only for the first game. Because of this, the practice match is adapted differently.
  • Souichirou doesn't care about the practice match, while in the manga he wonders why Hina wasn't doing anything.
  • Connie ties her hair the same way Ayano and Uchika do, while in the manga she keeps her twin tails the entire match.


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