Episode 3
She Was Perfect
 Japanese アイツは完璧だった
 Romaji Aitsu wa Kanpeki Datta
 Volume Volume 2
Volume 3
Anime Original
 Air Date July 15, 2018
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Futari no Hane
 Ending High Stepper
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 2
 Next Episode 4

She Was Perfect (アイツは完璧だった) is the third episode of the Hanebad! anime.


In a flashback, Uchika Hanesaki, Ayano's mom is practicing with her as Erena watches and counts how many returns Ayano had. In middle school Ayano quits badminton around the time, when Uchika left her behind. At the end of school, Noriko startles Ayano and Erena about having a date to the movie theater. But the date is canceled. At practice Miyako and Kentarō, thinks Nagisa isn't depressed now. Erena goes to see a movie with Noriko and has tea, then Noriko leaves as Erena saw Nagisa running and talks with her. During practice, a girl challenges Ayano to a friendly match, who she knows as Kaoruko Serigaya and she lost.

Later Kentarō and Nagisa tries to visit Ayano. When Cho and Masashi, her grandparents greeted them instead. Kentarō sees Uchika's medals and trophies. The grandparents told that Uchika was a badminton champion, before retiring and cared for her. With Ayano depressed, she is at a playground. Until Erena shows up and wants to know who was that girl. Ayano says, back in middle school Kaoruko got her sick with a cold. Before an important badminton match, which disappointed Uchika and left. Erena asks Nagisa for help, to cheer up Ayano. Nagisa meets her and plays badminton at the playground. The next day Ayano and Erena formally joins the badminton club.


Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, Uchika and Erena know each other, while in the manga they first met before Ayano's match against Akane.
  • Noriko isn't Ayano's childhood friend in the manga and therefore her appearances are adapted differently.
  • Most of the episode is adapted differently or anime original.
  • Nagisa is present for Ayano's practice match against Kaoruko, while in the manga she was sick with a cold.
  • Kentarou talking with Ayano at Uchika's badminton class and Erena and the others hearing about Ayano's past from Mashashii and Chiyoo is cut and replaced with Kentarou and Nagisa's visit to Ayano's house in volume 2.
  • Uchika's badminton class is replaced with the neighborhood park.



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