Episode 12
Put Your Leg Forward!
 Japanese 足を前に出しなさいよ!
 Romaji Ashi wo Mae ni Dashinasaiyo!
 Volume Volume 5
Volume 6
Anime Original
 Air Date September 23, 2018
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Futari no Hane
 Ending High Stepper
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 11
 Next Episode 13

Put Your Leg Forward! (足を前に出しなさいよ!) is the twelfth episode of the Hanebad! anime.



Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Because of changes to the overall storyline, most of the episode is anime original or adapted differently.
  • Erena talks with Uchika about Ayano, while in the manga they don't meet until before Ayano's 4th round match against Akane. Uchika and Erena also know each other in the anime.
  • Erena is at the gymnasium from the start of the match, while in the manga she's stuck on the road because of Miyako's car troubles.
  • A flashback about Uchika's decision to leave Ayano is added.
  • The anime Uchika is unapologetic for leaving Ayano, while the manga Uchika starts to question herself after Viggo's festival.
  • Because Akemi is cut from the anime, her flashback about Uchika's past is removed.
  • Because of changes to the overall storyline, Ayano is cold and indifferent to her opponents, as well as openly rude to other people.
  • Because of changes to the overall storyline, the match becomes anime original starting from the second game.


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