Episode 10
Backhand is Like This
 Japanese バックハンドの握りはこう
 Romaji Bakku Hando no Nigiri wa Kou
 Volume Anime Original
 Air Date September 2, 2018
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Futari no Hane
 Ending High Stepper
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 9
 Next Episode 11

Backhand is Like This (バックハンドの握りはこう) is the tenth episode of the Hanebad! anime.



Anime DifferencesEdit

  • The entire episode is anime original.
  • A flashback about Nagisa reflecting over her badminton is added.
  • Uchika comes home and stays, while in the manga she only comes home when Ayano isn't there, and only briefly before she leaves again.
  • Because of changes to the overall storyline, Ayano is cold and indifferent to her opponents, as well as openly rude to other people.
  • The anime expands on Kentarou's past.
  • The anime adds backstories for Gaku and Yukiteru.
  • In the anime, Gaku loses in the quarterfinals, while in the manga he loses in the semifinals.
  • Uchika suggests to Ayano about leaving Japan after the tournament.


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