Episode 1
Amazing Talent!
 Japanese スッゴい才能!
 Romaji Suggoi Sainou!
 Volume Anime Original
 Air Date July 1, 2018
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Futari no Hane
• Anime Chronology•
 Next Episode 2

Amazing Talent! (スッゴい才能!) is the first episode of the Hanebad! anime.


Aragaki Nagisa is facing Hanesaki Ayano at the Junior Nationals badminton tournament and loses in a blowout. She has been depressed since that loss and, as captain of the badminton club, takes out her frustration on new potential club members, while Izumi Riko, the vice-captain of the badminton club, tries to tell the new members not to quit. At the start of a new school year, Miura Noriko overhears Ayano and Fujisawa Erena wanting to join a school club. Noriko advises against the badminton club, and promotes the tennis club instead. Later, Riko sees Ayano while walking home, but in disbelief decides she has mistaken someone else for her.

The next day, Tachibana Kentarou is scouting for badminton members while watching a practice match at the tennis club. A powerful serve goes out of bounds and heads straight for Erena, which Ayano deflects with ease. Kentarō notices this and approaches Ayano boldly, while Erena accuses Kentarou of being a pervert and protects her. Nagisa also sees Ayano, much to her disbelief. Later, Miyako Tarōmaru, the badminton club's advisor, introduces Kentarō as the new coach for the badminton club. Erena drags Ayano to the badminton club in an attempt to get her to join.


Anime DifferencesEdit

  • The match between Ayano and Nagisa is added.
  • Ayano knows about Connie due to a magazine article, while in the manga she first learns about her during their training camp.
  • Ayano's timid personality and quiet voice is cut. In addition, Sora's initial sickly characteristic is also cut.
  • Noriko isn't Ayano's childhood friend in the anime. Because of this, her character is adapted differently, and she joins the tennis club instead.
  • In the manga, the members who quit don't appear, but they are added in the anime. In addition, the reason they left is changed to be because of Nagisa and not Kentarou.
  • Various scenes with the anime original members are added. In addition, Nagisa is much more aggressive than she is in the manga.
  • Miyako is shown to actively be a part of the club while in the manga she appears starting from the training camp.
  • Ayano and Erena try out the tennis club due to Noriko's suggestion. Because of this, Ayano's first encounter with Kentarou is also changed; in the anime, she hits a serve that would've hit Erena, while in the manga she runs up a tree to retrieve a handkerchief.
  • Nagisa first sees Ayano at the tennis club rather than when she was being recruited by Kentarou. The cause of their practice match is adapted differently and the anime Ayano has a greater dislike of badminton than the manga Ayano.


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