• Angelo Gabrini

    Wanting to adopt

    September 26, 2018 by Angelo Gabrini

    I'm Angelo Gabrini and I wish to adopt this wiki. I have several years of experience editing on wikia and have also been a bureaucrat/admin on various other wikis (such as the DanMachi, Re:Zero, and Inazuma Eleven wikis). My main wiki is the DanMachi Wiki, which I also adopted and built up from scratch as there wasn't that much information. I'm also fluent in Japanese which would help with wiki business.

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  • Hongqilim

    Adoption of wiki

    August 17, 2018 by Hongqilim

    Anyone interested in adopting the wiki?

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  • The Ninth

    as i browse through the new wikias of the new animes, I've noticed that most of theme had their theme sorted out, and it looks beautiful. can we try working on that? can we also change the theme colors ro green?

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