Akabane Reiji
Akabane Reiji
 Japanese 赤羽 玲二
 Romaji Akabane Reiji
• Characteristics•
 Gender Male
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Japan
 Previous Affiliation Kitakomachi
 Occupation Professional Badminton Player
 Previous Occupation Student
• Debuts•
 Manga Chapter 18

Akabane Reiji (赤羽 玲二) is a Japanese professional badminton player and an alumnus of Kitakomachi.


Reiji has short hair. His casual wear consists of a white shirt, light pants, and a dark jacket. His badminton wear consists of a light colored jersey with dark shoulders and part above the chest along with a Japanese flag on the right side and dark shorts.


Reiji was classmates with Kentarou and promised him that he'll get an Olympic gold medal in his place. When asked by Kentarou to see his students, he claimed that he didn't like kids.

Playing StyleEdit

Reiji hasn't been showing playing at all but is assumed to be a strong player as he is currently ranked 8th in the world.


  • Despite not appearing in the anime, Reiji is mentioned on the cover of the badminton magazine Ayano read in episode 3.
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